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At Parker Valley Farm and School of Horsemanship we feel it is important for the young and old horse lovers to learn there is much more to horsemanship than riding. We feel that part of the partnership between horse and rider is also learning to care for these grand animals. Along with learning to ride our riders will also learn how to groom them, tack them, properly cool them down as well as how to safely handle them in all situations.

We teach a traditional style of English riding known as Saddleseat, as well as Western Riding. Both focusing on a balanced seat which is the basis of all styles of riding.

We strive to teach each individual to accomplish their personal riding goal whether it be to some day enter into competition or just ride for the pure enjoyment of becoming a partner with a horse.

Tom & Jamie Volz
Owners & Trainers

Jamie a native of Colorado grew of in Boulder. She always had an interest in horses, when her grandparents were given a Hackney horse as a gift for the grandchildren the passion began. Sharing her passion for horses with her grandmother she spent her teenage years riding and showing successfully in all different divisions. After graduating she worked part time on the weekends for her trainers, this is when teaching and training became her passion.

Tom grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. Showing horses along with his sisters his interest for the show horse grew. After graduating he worked for many notable trainers and spent several years in Kentucky. He then moved to Stillwater, MN where he started his own training stable for Saddlebreds. In 2003 he moved to Colorado and started Parker Valley Farm. In 2007 he and Jamie joined forces.

In 2007 Tom and Jamie joined forces to continue their dream together of having an Elite Show horse Training facility

Striving to help their riders achieve their goals Tom and Jamie have taken their horse and rider teams to many successful ribbons on a regional and national level with several World and National titles.

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